Copper Cookware Use & Care

Beauty to last for generations. An owner's manual.......

From the Northern Italian town of Omegna, on the shores of beautiful Lago D'Orta, old world craftspeople have been making copper cookware for generations. The Ruffoni family's factory makes each pan, mold and specialty piece one at a time. There are 3 cookware collections, Opera, Protagonista & Moderne. In addition there are specialty pieces, molds, bakeware and servingware. Check out the entire range!

When cooking with copper, you can use a lower temperature due to the excellent conductivity properties. At these lower temperatures, foods are less likely to stick, but if they do, simply soak the pan in warm soapy water. We recommend hand washing and a light buffing of the exterior using our Ruffoni copper polish or a combination of salt and lemon juice mixed to a paste.

It is not recommended that you place Ruffoni Cookware in the dishwasher.

Remember never to heat tin lined copper cookware empty or allow it to boil dry. Use wood, plastic or nylon utensils to maintain the lining. Over extended time, tin lined copper may require retinning. Check out Rocky Mountain Retinning for a good source for retinning.

Call us with any questions regarding use or care or Ruffoni Copper Cookware.

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