Genuine Murano Glass Millefiori Wine Stoppers

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No two wine stoppers are alike.... On the island of Murano off Venice glassmakers have been creating Millefiori (thousand flowers) glass for centuries. Now we have wine stoppers made from this ancient technique and crafted on the island of Murano! Long thin rods called canes are created by the craftperson by painstakingly rolling layers of glass to form the "fiori". The canes are then ever so thinly sliced to create discs of glass which are then placed in molten glass to create beads or other shapes. Each wine stopper is hand created and different. We have 6 styles from which to choose or let us surprise you by selecting a stopper for you! For a limited time we have our Stars & Stripes style! These wine stoppers have a soft fit. Overall length approximately 4"-4.25". Made in Italy. 

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